The Nude

The Nude

XALF’s latest looks to embody liberation: to free yourself from life’s excess and to live life on your own terms

Shedding away the unwanted layers, she knew that she could wallow in self-pity; or worse, fear, depression and the abyss where unrelenting anxiety and self-doubt ruled with an iron fist. Her sophisticated reserve and integrity no longer in her arsenal after everything was taken away in an instant. An instant: a nagging suspicion that led to the shattering of her insular partnership once she saw that everything was a lie… a terrible lie.

She cried. Tears colluding with mascara and disgust sent streaks of black, ashen tears down her cheeks. She hurled a wine glass against the walls. She had everything. Her picturesque high-society was perfect. Not anymore. The delicate strands of trust had snapped. He took his leave. There was no consoling her. She contemplated many things. Yet, decided to take a deep breath. And she reached for the scissors. Bespoke suits and silk ties suffered a fate worse than death. Her wrath flared up in silent screams that would instil fear in a banshee. And then it was over…


They say she discarded her inhibitions and that she couldn’t look at herself in the mirror. They were wrong. Great is her beauty that no matter how often she seemed vulnerable, the will to not only survive but to live centred her and gave her the gravity she needed to soldier on. Did she nurse a bottle of whisky? Not a chance. That’s his drink and they’ve since been emptied into the sink. She decided that life is an intoxicating, bittersweet cocktail and that she will not be take it all in stride. She picked up the pieces that mattered. The last chapter of the fairy tale is done with. “Stand stall,” she told herself. “Take a deep breath. Pull yourself together. We need to do some spring cleaning…”

Unceremoniously tossing the frills and bling – amassed from her youth – she no longer deemed worthy (Swarovski festooned gowns were given the cold shoulder treatment and packed away in unmarked boxes), she did have a few keepsakes that mattered. She would free herself. Momentarily, she felt naked. Empty, ashamed even. Decidedly the past will not venture forth with her. She was liberated.


They called her a cougar. Some even mentioned MILF and glorified socialite on more than one occasion. She didn’t care. She won them over with her alluring ways, allied with her poise and, some say, brutal efficiency in working those crimson lips and bombshell hips. She had her wily ways.

The boys couldn’t resist her. And she pays them no heed. Until today.


She took a long bath in the tub. She tenderly dried her hair with a towel and picked out the right shoes. A metallic silver calfskin number with ornamental zippers that will hit all the right notes. Who cares about Mr Right anyway? The right shoes will make it a night to remember. She hailed a cab downtown and decided the new speakeasy bar in town will be the place to be seen.

A young stud decidedly glanced her way. She shot him a disinterested look that was a martini shaken with indifference and disdain – and he fell for it. Empowered to take charge of the situation, they headed back to her place. She gave him a smirk that said, “Boy, I’m going to teach you a thing or two.” He consented. Or rather, he didn’t have much of a say in the matter. He cradled her feet and removed her stilettos: one at a time. They embraced. He blushed, “I’ve never, errr, been with a woman like you before.”

Her moving afterglow says it all. A nice dress and a pair of nice shoes. That’s all you really need. Physical (and emotional) intimacy is only possibly when all our external coverings are removed. From there, life is primal, instinctive and often truly tender. To strip away all the embellishments is to be evaluating what’s truly meaningful in life.

We are all automatically drawn to the sight when of bare flesh in our vicinity and that’s why XALF’s latest is composed of various nude tones as an accompaniment to muted colours that are considered mature and immune to youthful folly. They are for those who have lived a life that is invested in experiencing the deepest of human emotions: pain, love, anticipation, hope exhilaration, and ultimately a sustained enthusiasm for living when life doesn’t go your way. 

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