The Malaysian

XALF assembles a tribute for the homeland “Tanah tumpahnya darah ku…”- Negaraku

The Malaysian is a godsend to the fashion forward looking to make an impression. Take the idea of our Malaysian flag and colours and literally turning on its head with XALF’s blend of symbolic trend-setting style, and viola! A limited edition of 56 that will augment your nationalistic stance come Merdeka. 

As a home grown label, XALF has endeavoured to create two patriotic hybrids that are pay homage to 56 years of independence, unity, peace and harmony. Hand-crafted with genuine leather for a refined look and feel, modern aesthetics spreads the celebratory spirit with an ultra-sleek expression of customising finesse.

The Malaysian 1957
A fine example of el...
The Malaysian 1963
It is true that wome...


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