Xavier Mah

A public relations consultant by trade, Xavier Mah has plied his trade with a personal touch that he attests is what differentiates him from the pack. It is that same personal touch he imparts in his collaboration with shoe designer Alfred Hor. As the brainchild of XALF, he has regularly been portrayed by the Malaysian media as a highly creative individual with an entrepreneurial drive that far exceeds his peers.

A Batang Berjuntai, Kuala Selangor native, he witnessed firsthand the hardships of an underprivileged childhood. Determined that he would make a better life, he would be a compliant student who understood the power of knowledge.

Xavier has set his sights on the local entertainment and fashion industry in which to make his mark. Aptly, it was a match-made-in-heaven as Xavier and his gifted young business partner conceptualize each design from scratch.

Together they form a symbiotic relationship that sees their creative brainstorming jump-starting Xavier’s passion for fashion. A leap to create his own fashion label that would eventually serve as a platform for displaying their collaborative efforts on the international stage.

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Alfred Hor
Creative Director

Alfred Hor was born in 1988 in the Malaysian town of Temerloh. As a youngster, he exhibited a fondness for designer dresses as he often gazed affectionately at window displays and admired the intricacy of such beautiful objects at close quarters.

He would channel his obsession for beauty into a fashion design degree at RMIT Melbourne, Australia. A natural at design, he eventually found his calling when he won the Malaysian Footwear Design Competition in 2010 with a classic white and black “cockscrew” entry that blew the judges away.

He was also second runner-up in 2011, representing Malaysia at the International Footwear Design Competition. A prodigy who nurtured his talent with an unrelenting passion for fashionable footwear, he assimilates architectural elements that fuse sleek structural lines with adventurous details, describing it as his “dangerous and sexy” side.

He reaffirms his passion with a constant desire to innovate his designs and added flourishes that are not dictated by the norm. He believes that the evolution of fashion pays homage to the classics yet champions new avant garde tendencies.

XALF hence provides Alfred with a creative outlet that is free from constraints and coupled with his close collaboration with Xavier ensures that the business side of their ventures are in good hands.


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