I have to tell you I loved the line especially the cut out ankle detail on the Ravena bootie, the silver touches on the Bethel pump, the Lewis pump in the blue leopard and the wild & crazy Islip in fire engine red with the studs!!! Way to go.

- Laurel Berman,
Creative Director of BLACK HALO

Your shoes looks very nice and sexy!

- Simone Legno,
Creative Director and Co-founder of tokidoki

I saw the collection and I really like it.

- Camilla Sentuti,
Celebrity Fashion Blogger in NYC

I received the shoes today! BEAUTIFUL. They are very comfortable and serve me well. I think you are going to do VERY well with women who REALLY love shoes.

- Tia Walker,
Celebrity Blogger & Host in NYC

XALF is Style, XALF is Trend, XALF is fashion.

- Datin Reiss Tiara,
Socialite & Mrs Malaysia Beauty Ambassador 2013/14

This is my second pair of XALF shoes (wearing Acmon) and I love this ballet flats so much, it’s super comfy and their high heels won’t make me pain as well. Seriously I’m not pay for this, the shoes is really awesome!

- Thanuja Ananthan,
Miss World Malaysia 2009, Model, TV Host, Actress, Masterchef Celebrity, Animal Activist & Ambassador

I’m afraid of wearing high heels because my legs are injured few days ago. But when I wore this (Fluvia), it’s like, so comfortable, I don’t feel any pain or discomfort of my legs even I’m wearing it for more than 2 hours now! I feel no worries wearing XALF shoes!

- Chris Tong Bing Yu,
Malaysia Chinese Cosmos Internationa 2006, Actress & TV Personality

I like pointy shoes and this Limited Edition of XALF for Lotus. Pointy shoes are not only illustrating our legs slimmer, but the perfect gold lining around the shoes are making it even more glamorous and elegant. Of course, the cushions are very comfortable. It

- Vanessa Chong,
TV Host for Bella NTV7 & 1st Runners Up in Amazing Race Asia 2

I love the shoes, and this is my second one (wearing Indra). I’m very appreciating that they’d actually measure my foot to fit in this so well. XALF’s peep toe shoes are not squeezing my toes tight and I feel very confident and comfortable.

- Dato Ruby Khong,
President of Kechara Soup Kitchen (KSK), philanthropist & listed in Forbes Asia\'s Heroes of Philanthropy 2010.

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